Updated Appliqued Portrait

Now that my Level 3 Stitch class is finished, the exhibitions – in person and online – completed, I am going to show my work from the class.

The last time I showed this portrait, she looked like this. I was very unhappy with the angle of the mouth and she just didn’t look right. So what to do. I made this in 2020, so the obvious answer…

Add a mask! That takes away the bad mouth and definitely relates to how I felt about the pandemic. So here’s “Covid Girl”. I guess the moral to the story is, never give up. There is always a solution!

6 thoughts on “Updated Appliqued Portrait

  1. Hello, I checked your felting book out of the library last week and was so impressed that I bought one right away. I have a yarn shop in the Sf bay area and do alot of felting, weaving, knitting and crochet but just to inspire students and customers at my shop. I have a cabin at Swan Lake, MT and will be there in a couple of weeks and wondered if we could get together to chat. I am inspired by your work. (I grew up in Great Falls and return to MT every year. I have alot of relatives there too.) I also carry yarn and fiber from the Flathead Lake area. Would love to meet you. Andrea Niehuis ________________________________

    • Thanks Andrea! I’m glad that you appreciate my book. And your day job sounds pretty fun đŸ™‚ I would be glad to meet up with you while you’re here in Montana. Please email me at laneruthe @ gmail and we can set something up.

  2. Oh Ruth….just brilliant….you brought a smile & chuckle to me & many more I’m sure. You say above that the hair was the main idea & starting point….well now it does really stand out as a feature. Xx

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