Loosening Up

I am still working on loosening up with the watercolors but it has been an uphill battle. I have a really hard time with things not looking like expected. And most of these are pretty lackluster. But I will show you anyways and hopefully, you won’t laugh.

I saw my first Glacier Lily this week on my hikes up behind my house. It’s so wonderful to see signs of spring and this is one of the first wildflowers that blooms in Montana.

This was created while using up leftover paint. It’s definitely lacking any excitement. I could work back into this again and I might, but then I tend to over work things so it might just stay like it is.

These two were done after watching a couple of YouTube videos about painting loose flowers. I think the roses are more effective than the poppies. But I like the greenery on the poppies. It is hard to figure out what to paint when and to get the timing right. But I learn something every time I paint something so all is not lost πŸ™‚

12 thoughts on “Loosening Up

  1. Ruth, I like your roses and particularly your blue background glacier lily best.
    If we knew everything our efforts would be perfect all the time….how boring!….And where would how sense of achievement come from?

  2. I particularly like the poppies Ruth. Having read the book I can understand it must be very hard using these techniques when you are so used to being in control and knowing how your painting is going to look. Its always good to try new methods and ideas though….keeps the old grey matter ticking over!

  3. One of the things I learned very quickly when I started working with textiles is that the materials will find their own way. It was a difficult lesson for me, a confirmed control freak. πŸ˜‰

    But I’ve often learned more from things that didn’t work out as planned (and there have been a lot of those!) than those that did. For that reason I like the Japanese approach of seeing where the technique will take you rather than starting out with an end result in mind – even if I don’t always follow it!

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