A Couple of Cards

I have been cropping most of my watercolor experiments and making them into one of a kind cards. Here are a couple that I completed today.

If you look carefully at the centers of the daisies, you will see little circles. That was done by adding a little bit of dish soap to blue watercolor paint and blowing bubbles in the paint. Then the bubbles are put onto the card. They shrink down into little circles of bubbles and as they dry, they leave a cool pattern. It reminded me of the centers of flowers so I turned them into daisies. I painted the background or negative space around the flowers in several layers.

This started out as a bigger painting that was 9″ x 12″. It wasn’t very good so I cut out the best bit, toned down the colors slightly and it looks better in a small format. I was experimenting with various ways to paint pine trees. I used different bits of fabric in the paint and then pulled them off after the paint dried. I will have to try this again on a sky that isn’t so over the top and vibrant.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.

6 thoughts on “A Couple of Cards

  1. Both are lovely but the landscape is gorgeous – not a card to throw away after the event – it’ll be kept for sure.

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