Revamped Cards

I made these cards quite a while ago with scrap paper and poured acrylic skins. I put them in the store for sale and they haven’t sold. There has been minimal interest in them. So it was time to revamp and see if I could improve them.

So I looked in my notebooks where I put quotes that I like. I found enough quotes and then printed them out.

I then cut them out and pasted them to the already made card.

This one I had to redo because I misspelled happiness.

I hope that with these quotes, people will like the cards better.

People seem to like items/cards with words on them.

At least they have a “focal point” now.

Of course it would help if I could spell. Picasso on the card is wrong. Sigh. I have printed out another piece of paper with the correct spelling and will paste it over the first one. Now I’ll take these back to the store and see what happens.

7 thoughts on “Revamped Cards

  1. I love the cards with thought-provoking quotes and I think they will sell! The printing on white is lovely – if you printed directly onto the card the words would be lost against the painted background.

  2. I love your quotes Ruth. The cards are home made from the heart, not commercially generated, so I,m sure they will find new homes.
    Acrylic pours I’m familiar with, but ‘skins’? Please enlighten me.

    • Thanks Antje! We’ll see, they have been in the store for months now with no interest at all. Skins are acrylic pours on plastic. Let it dry, peel it off, then you have a skin that you can cut up and use.

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