Watercolor Experiments Continue

I am still experimenting with watercolors and seeing if I can create more abstract landscapes. I am still working small and about half of the experiments end up being acceptable. Some are still pretty ugly but I am learning. Definitely, less is more. And I have to learn when to stop. Less is more.

Here are three that were not as I had envisioned. But they’re OK.

These three are better. The one in the middle is an eco print that has been enhanced with watercolor and acrylics.

These two are my favorite ones from today. These are more abstract and not as overworked. I will be turning most of these into greeting cards as they are all small (5″ x 7″ range). Thanks for stopping by and have a good weekend.

6 thoughts on “Watercolor Experiments Continue

  1. The last two are fabulous! Although definitely abstract, the images are still very identifiable. They are so delicately pretty.

  2. Strong images and use of colour….and each very different. My favourites so far are the moon and tree and the delicate seed heads on the green and orange background.

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