Packing for Exhibition and a Sketch

I spent most of the day packing all my stuff up for my last art and design class and exhibition. I was trying to keep the amount down but I am not sure how well I succeeded.

Here’s the pile of stuff I am taking. Of course this doesn’t include any clothing or personal items. Just art stuff. The pile is at least four feet tall. Hopefully, everything will fit into the truck!

Here’s a sketch I drew last week. It is of a succulent plant that is in my window. I wanted to highlight just the plant. And I used a water soluble graphite pencil for this one. I like the smooth tones it gives you when you wet it down with a brush.

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6 thoughts on “Packing for Exhibition and a Sketch

  1. We think you’ve been quite restrained with your packing! You’ve done a good job on the succulent – you didn’t need to say what it was as it’s so well drawn.
    Have fun!

  2. As Lyn said I recognised it was a succulent immediately.
    Did everything fit in the car? From memory don,t you share with some others? Clothes – who needs those?
    Looking forward to hearing of your last exploits and exhibition.

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