River Rocks Complete

I finished up the river rock painting. I sprayed it with fixative (Thanks Paula!) and then did more painting on top.

So here’s the piece with water added. I had to do several layers to get the shadows and the highlights working better. But I’m pleased with the outcome. Painting water is hard!

This ruffed grouse was in the choke cherry tree behind our house. My brother-in-law got a great photo that I used to sketch by. He or she has some beautiful feathers and after sketching him/her, I can see why the name is Ruffed Grouse. He/she definitely has a ruff around his/her neck. And this bird is hefty! It’s in the same family as chickens and he/she did look like a chicken in the tree.

Have a great weekend!

9 thoughts on “River Rocks Complete

  1. Your painting of water is wonderful! Seeing a bird a large as a chicken in the tree would be a bit of a surprise! Well sketched. Beautiful markings on the bird.

  2. Looking at the enlarged picture of your rocks I can see all your hard work in the details – turned out well.
    Lumpy grouse regularly in your tree – today we had a hawk land on our patio….a total surprise with it watching us watching it!

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