Negative Space Painting

I got a book from the library today Watercolor Painting Outside the Lines by Linda Kemp. I did a bit of negative space painting on a recent monotype print and liked the results. So I thought I would do some further investigation and try something a bit more complex. I’m still working on a winter theme so decided to try some frost.

I worked on this all day today. You start with the lightest color and then paint the negative spaces increasing the darkness/value of the colors for each layer. So there are four layers of color here. The paint has to be dry in between so I sped up the process by using a heat gun and iron to dry the paper in between layers of paint. It’s an interesting way to paint and you have to keep thinking “backwards” so you don’t paint the wrong bit. But again, I like the results and I think I will try some more of these. Perhaps a winter landscape next time.

6 thoughts on “Negative Space Painting

  1. Very interesting. I’ve recently been reading “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” by Betty Edwards, and she talks about drawing negative space. So it’s clearly an effective concept!

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