Winter Berries

I’m still playing with negative space painting. This was an experiment on a piece of screen printed paper that I had in my stash. It looked very organic to start with so I added some darkness behind the berries and leaves. It has both acrylic and water color paint and the paper was a “mixed media” paper that I have never really liked. And after working on it again, it has reaffirmed that I should never get this type of paper again. The paper feels almost like plastic and has a raised pattern on the surface that is hard to cover. I guess it should have gesso on it to start but since it was already printed, I just went over top of what was there. It is still going to take more practice to really get used to negative space painting. I feel the need to plan more as I have a tendency to get lost in the more intricate details. I painted a second landscape but it is really hideous at the moment and I have to work on it more to see if it is even salvageable.

And the rest of the day was spent packing up to go to my class soon. I have more stuff every time we go. Luckily, there are only 2 sessions left. Otherwise, we might have to rent a U Haul truck to get everything to class.

4 thoughts on “Winter Berries

  1. I like what you have done Ruth….both the colour and depth you have achieved.
    Enlarging the picture I see what you mean about the surface. If it feels like plastic could you also stitch onto it to enhance your design? The ditches/undulations you create with the stitching will help distract from the surface pattern. I have machine stitched on painted paper by attaching a fine fabric on the back (simply Pritt stuck at intervals on the edge just to hold in place until stitched).
    I sympathise with the amount you are taking to your classes….and I bet you will still have left something useful at home. When are you off?

    • Thanks Antje! You have to keep working on these because in the middle of working, they really look terrible. I could probably stitch on this paper but I think it is finished. It’s just a sample or experiment so I just won’t use this paper again. I sent you an email about class.

  2. Whoa! That’s a whole lot of packing! The berries are looking good but sorry to hear that you have a piece that may or may not be salvageable – I’ve been there too many times lately – must be the weather.

    • Thanks Lyn, yes, the stuff for class takes up almost the entire back of the pickup truck. The piece actually worked out better than expected, just took a lot more work. Not perfect but not awful like it was. I will show it next week.

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