Experimenting with Acrylics

I wrote a post about creating some painted Tyvek samples on the Felting and Fiber Studio here. I decided to combine the tyvek pieces I had with a variety of acrylic mediums and paint. Since they are both plastics, I thought they might be a bit more integrated than trying to add tyvek to fabric. I always have an issue with the fact that it looks like I just plopped the tyvek on top and called it good. The tyvek never really feels integrated into a piece. So this was an attempt to try something different with tyvek. I made 5 samples but they aren’t dry and I can’t move them to take a good photo. But I did take a photo on my cell phone that turned out better than the photos from my regular camera.

I used light modeling paste mixed with orange paint and then pushed the tyvek down into the modeling paste. It squeezed up through the holes in the tyvek and the result is definitely interesting. I will have to see if it needs something more after it dries. I could always add more paint or perhaps brush the high points with oil paint sticks. It definitely has texture.

This is one of my samples that the photo was bad so I “solarized” it in Photoshop. Pretty cool effect. Maybe I can print this out and use it in a collage.

I painted this “stripe” painting for my first session of my art and design class. The one on the left is the original. It sat in my studio for a year. But now I have had some time to add a bit more to it. The end result is on the right. I like it better but can’t decide if it is finished or not. What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Experimenting with Acrylics

  1. Your experiments are fun and who knows where they may lead? The texture is great. I like the photo that was solarized – it looks good enough to hang in the ‘Tate Modern’. Yes, I think the stripes are done now that you’ve added depth.

    • Thanks Lyn, the experiments are still drying almost 24 hours later. I have to be patient with these for sure. The solarized photo does have that modern art flair, not sure about hanging in a museum though. 🙂

  2. Wow the acrylic and tyvek have awesome textures. The solorized pic is great. It would be interesting if you did incorporate it into something else. Perhaps the stripes could use a tad more depth. I look forward to seeing the dried pieces.

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