Tyvek Texture Samples

I showed you one of the Tyvek texture samples while it was wet last week. Today I added some oil paint stick highlights.

The photo on the left is before the oil paint stick application. As you can see, the black is really shiny because I used gloss gels mixed with acrylic paints. I was trying a variety of mediums with these tyvek samples so that I could see which worked best. On the right, I have added some matte oil paint sticks to the background to cut the shine. I also added more black to the Tyvek.

And the same with this one. I added a bit of matte blue to cut the shine and then added black oil paint stick to the ridges and the edges of the tyvek. The black definitely helps to integrate the tyvek into the piece more.

This one is definitely not my favorite. It looked better in the “solarized” photo last week. I added two colors of blue and gold oil paint sticks to this one. Bleh.

This is my favorite one. I just added a bit of black to this one. It kind of reminds me of butterfly wings.

This one has a bit different technique and is still wet. I painted the background first instead of adding paint to the medium as I did with the others above. I then applied clear gel gloss very thickly. It is supposed to dry clear but still isn’t completely dry. The thicker areas are still white. I’m not sure it will ever be completely clear but I am going to leave it for a while to see if it will clear up.

Here’s a collage I created out of some of my recent gelatin plate prints with alcohol inks.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

8 thoughts on “Tyvek Texture Samples

  1. Changing the shiny to matte was a good idea and the black oil stick for the second one really does enhance the piece. I like the butterfly wings and the last one looks very promising – love the colours.
    The collage is lovely – very restful to look at – how big is it?

  2. I agree with Lyn – the modifications have enhanced the pieces. I would never have thought of squishing the bubbled tyvek into modelling paste. I look forward to seeing the lovely aqua/greeny one when totally dry. Like you I think your solarised photo has a certain something over the original, it is inspiration for other developmental work.

    • Thanks Antje! The only reason I thought of squishing the Tyvek into the modeling paste was because we had just finished working on textured samples in class with a variety of mediums. The Tyvek reminded me of those pieces so I thought I would combine the two ideas. I’m not sure that the aqua/green one will ever dry but we’ll see. I might put it out in the sunshine and see if that helps with the drying process.

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