Two More Collages

Here is another one of the texture collages that I have made for class.

This one is very dimensional and I have decided to call it Spelunking.

Here you can see more of the dimensional aspect of the piece. It is essentially a sample but I think it might be interesting framed in a shadow box frame.

Here’s collage I completed today. I had all of the pieces together but I had forgotten about it. So I found it today and glued it together. I completed a torn paper collage today as well but it is in the process of being flattened as it has tons of paper glued down and it got really warped. Hopefully, I can get it to calm down and lay flat. Perhaps I should do that too 😉

6 thoughts on “Two More Collages

  1. Spelunking is the perfect title for your lovely textured piece.
    The green collage is interesting to look at – the piece that looks like ‘film reel’ draws the eye in.
    Calming down and laying flat sounds like good medicine!

  2. Talk about texture….you’ve certainly achieved it with Spelunking. Two questions – how did you do the lamellae and I’m curious where did the name come from? Your green collage is interesting, the eye is definitely drawn to the ‘film roll’. I think I would have been tempted to place a small something on the other side too to allow the eye to bounce back again but maybe that would have been an element too far.
    After all your recent productions you deserve a lay down….for a while!

    • Thanks Antje! The lamellae is torn cardboard. I “glued” it to the base so the pieces stood upright. Then I added thick medium in between with texture. Then it got painted. The name came from the fact that it reminded me of caves with stalactites and stalagmites etc.Therefore, it would be something that you might see when you go spelunking.

      Thanks for your suggestion on the green collage. I will see how that looks and give it a try.

  3. Spelunking is awesome! Love all that texture. I like Lyn’s suggestion for the green film roll.

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