Covering Sketch/Note Book Covers

I told you a couple of weeks ago about the Sketchbook Revival. One of the free tutorials was about covering sketch books or note books or studio journals or whatever you want to call them. I am not sure why I never thought of this idea. The instructor suggested using commercial fabric and apply it to the cover with fusible web. Duh…

I have tons of fabric that already has surface design waiting around to be used for something. And this is so simple! Yay. This is a cyano-type fabric that I made ages ago with one of my sketches from my first circle book. I thought it was appropriate for covering my second circle book. I just wrapped the edges around and fused a piece of solid blue paper on the inside cover to hide the edges of the fabric. I am going to use this technique to cover a bunch more of my books.

This second book is full of collages and prints. I used a screen printed piece of paper from a session of deconstructed screen printing. I had been saving this piece for a while but this was perfect. I used fusible web and an iron, ironed it down and then used a craft knife to cut the extra paper off.

And just because I thought you all might like to see this. I went to a Kentucky Derby party last weekend. I made this hat from a variety of stuff lying around my studio. It only took about 30 minutes to throw it together and I got lots of complements. So all those UFO’s came in handy 😉

6 thoughts on “Covering Sketch/Note Book Covers

  1. Fabric is a great idea for a book cover. I love both of them and the hat is gorgeous. I’ll bet that party was fun.

  2. Your hat shouts ‘FUN’….I hope ‘you’ lived up to it! What a lovely idea to finish off the covers.
    Tomorrow I’m taking part in a ‘crusty cover’ workshop, not a clue yet what to expect other than it involves texture and paint – I’ll try to take photos and let you see the results.

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