Texture Pieces and Another Box

I created these textures pieces quite a while ago and I can’t remember if I showed you these or just part of them. We are now considering what pieces we will exhibit and which of these pieces go together. Part of my homework is to cut black foam core board to mount these pieces.

The photos aren’t the best because the light was going when I took these. But you get the idea. The colors on a lot of these are off. For example, the aspen leaves look like they are on black but that is really dark blue.

I finished my second box. It’s fairly simple but I wanted to highlight the yupo paper that is covered with ink. I had to find a little light to go inside. I tried a battery operated tea light but it made a round circle of light on the top of the box. So I went to the hobby store and bought a miniature “ceiling light” that is battery operated. It’s an LED light but it’s inside a white globe so the light is more diffuse.

Here’s the box in the dark. The yupo paper is green but in the dark it just glows yellow to the camera’s eye. But I think you get the idea.


Two More Collages

Here is another one of the texture collages that I have made for class.

This one is very dimensional and I have decided to call it Spelunking.

Here you can see more of the dimensional aspect of the piece. It is essentially a sample but I think it might be interesting framed in a shadow box frame.

Here’s collage I completed today. I had all of the pieces together but I had forgotten about it. So I found it today and glued it together. I completed a torn paper collage today as well but it is in the process of being flattened as it has tons of paper glued down and it got really warped. Hopefully, I can get it to calm down and lay flat. Perhaps I should do that too 😉

Texture Collages

I showed some of these over on the Felting and Fiber Studio. If you missed them, you can see them here. I have a bunch more to complete so I work on them a bit at a time. One of the issues is drying time between layers which takes at least 2-3 days. So I have them in every stage of completion. They are spread out all over the house, I am sure that hubby is loving that!

These are made with a variety of paper, fabric or foam. Then multiple layers of paint are added until I am satisfied with the outcome. There’s a couple that might be a total loss but I haven’t given up on them yet. Perhaps I will show you those later 🙂

This one kind of looks like some kind of skeleton embedded in the ground, do you see it?

This one has some metallic highlights. Usually I’m not much of shiny loving gal but it’s OK in small amounts.

It’s funny when I started these, I didn’t have a real plan as to what most of them would look like. So each one is different and I kind of go with what I see in them as I add layers of paint. So they tend to morph from one thing to another until I settle on what the final outcome will be.