Texture Pieces and Another Box

I created these textures pieces quite a while ago and I can’t remember if I showed you these or just part of them. We are now considering what pieces we will exhibit and which of these pieces go together. Part of my homework is to cut black foam core board to mount these pieces.

The photos aren’t the best because the light was going when I took these. But you get the idea. The colors on a lot of these are off. For example, the aspen leaves look like they are on black but that is really dark blue.

I finished my second box. It’s fairly simple but I wanted to highlight the yupo paper that is covered with ink. I had to find a little light to go inside. I tried a battery operated tea light but it made a round circle of light on the top of the box. So I went to the hobby store and bought a miniature “ceiling light” that is battery operated. It’s an LED light but it’s inside a white globe so the light is more diffuse.

Here’s the box in the dark. The yupo paper is green but in the dark it just glows yellow to the camera’s eye. But I think you get the idea.


7 thoughts on “Texture Pieces and Another Box

  1. An amazing collection of work Ruth, you have been very productive.
    I love your little yupo box all lit up, it just glows, and will work well with your traditional Celtic box. I’ve never worked with yupo before, so seeing that it is translucent is a surprise. Keep the photos coming please.

    • Thanks Antje! It feels like I have piles of work everywhere. 🙂

      The yupo paper is interesting. I had not used it before either. So I wanted to show off the translucent quality.

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