More Stamps and a Drawing

I have been traveling over the last week so haven’t gotten much done. But before I left, I did carve a few more stamps. I finished up the birch one today but haven’t gotten to print with any of these yet.

Here’s the stamps. The ones on the left are ogee shaped. The are meant to be a repeating pattern that fit together. The one on the right is a birch tree from a sketch I did several years ago.

I tested the ogee stamps with an ink pad in my sketch book. the two on the bottom are actually a stencil I created. I didn’t have time to test the birch one yet.

While I was riding in the car to Philadelphia, I did a small sketch in my travel sketchbook. I used markers first for the background colors of the leaf and then I added in the details with colored pencils. I really like this method because the markers cover the white of the paper and you don’t have to do so many layers with the colored pencil to cover the white background. I don’t care for how the shadow turned out but since it was an experiment, I am not going to spend much time worrying about that. I will definitely being trying this technique again.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

8 thoughts on “More Stamps and a Drawing

  1. Looking forward to seeing your birch tree stamp prints. And your sketch is so 3D, as Lyn said you could pick it up off the page. What a great idea to use the markers first….I must file this in my memory to use when I eventually get around to sketching again, which has been far too long ago.

    • Thanks Antje! I saw using the markers first somewhere online so not my idea but it works perfectly. I have a hard time fitting sketching into my schedule too but I can usually do a little when I’m traveling.

  2. Always good when you find a short cut that works! I have to say that even when I enlarged the picture I couldn’t see the marker – it all looks like pencil. Beautiful leaf!

    • Thanks Kim! It really doesn’t look like marker at all when you’re finished. But it covers the white of the page so nicely you don’t have to use so much colored pencil and that saves tons of time.

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