I got a chance to print a few samples from the stamps I carved and showed you last week.

artwork by Ruth Lane

Here’s one of the ogee stamps repeated. It’s black ink on white paper. I didn’t realize how much fun repeating patterns can be when you get started.

artwork by Ruth Lane

Here’s a black on white print of the birch stamp.

artwork by Ruth Lane

And here I was playing around with collage possibilities. I didn’t end up using this one but I still could as I haven’t used these prints/papers yet. I hope you’re having a great weekend!

8 thoughts on “Prints

  1. Great repeats! Did you have problems with lining them up at all? I remember watching block printers at work in India creating huge pieces of cloth in three or four colours with no registration marks at all – done purely by eye.

    • Thanks Kim! I didn’t use any registration marks, just lined them up by eye. They aren’t perfect, but that’s OK. Yes, those huge pieces of cloth in India are definitely amazing.

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