More Collages

I have two more collages finished. These are the chromatic grays with their matching saturated colors. I did these in the same kind of design to see the differences in using higher values as compared to the lower values.

This is the high value collage. These are loosely based on Piet Mondrian style paintings. Gluing all these little pieces is loads of fun and takes an inordinate amount of time.

And here is the low value one. I had to paint another background for this one as I didn’t have enough of the dark for a background piece. It looks straight black but it has lots of Phthalo Blue in it too. I found the lower value one harder to arrange as it didn’t seem to have as much contrast as the higher value one.

Next I need to do a monochromatic collage with tints and shades painted papers as well as another one with the same tints and shades but adding a tiny amount of the complement. Then I think I am finished with the assigned collages.


6 thoughts on “More Collages

    • Thanks Lyn, yes, they would be good textile designs. One reason I am taking this course is to work on designs and how to develop them for fiber art/textiles.

  1. The second one is more appealing to me probably because of the colors. It is definitely Mondrian like.

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