Store Makeover and Monochromatic Collage

This week I and a team of elves repainted the entire store and did a store makeover. It was tons of work and isn’t quite finished as we haven’t hung all the artwork back up on the walls. If you’d like to see before and after photos as well as in process photos, check out our Instagram posts for the week. The post that has a little square up in the right hand corner is when we were finished and has three photos to see. Follow us on Instagram to see more photos of what’s happening at The Purple Pomegranate.

I still have more collages to make so now that I have finished the exhaustive makeover, I had a little time to make another collage. This one is a monochromatic color scheme, still using squares, lines and rectangles. I was cutting off the edges from the painted notebook papers and decided to make use of the edges.

I started gluing the strips down with a variety of light to dark values in my yellow oxide color.

Once I had them glued across the page, I decided to add in a few more pieces from each side. I forgot to take a photo when these got completely glued down.

I decided I needed a bit more of a focal point so I thought I would add in some small squares. I tried them in different combinations and decided on the one on the far right.

And here’s the finished piece. Next up is a monochromatic scheme but adding a very small amount of the complementary color. So another yellow oxide but it will have a touch of blue violet.




7 thoughts on “Store Makeover and Monochromatic Collage

  1. What a lot of hard work, but so worth it! I bet you ache a bit.

    Waste not, want not. Wonderful idea for using the cut edges of the paper and don’t you think they look a little like skyscrapers?

    • Thanks Lyn, it was really hard work but well worth the effort. It looks much cleaner and more modern now.

      I agree about the skyscrapers. My hubby thinks they look like old movie film.

  2. Wow Ruth how did you have any energy left after the store makeover! I agree with your hubby about the old movie film.

  3. I like the way you’ve recycled the strips from the edge of your notebook paper – they’re very effective!

    And congratulations on the store makeover, which I’ve followed on Instagram. It looks lovely – but you must be exhausted!

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