Water, Water, Everywhere

I had company all week long and we were busy skiing and having fun. We skied 30,000 vertical feet on Friday. But I did have a bit of time to work on my homework for Level 3 Art & Design. I’m not sure I followed the directions very well as I was supposed to find the “line” in water. I just ended up drawing water.

It’s a little hard to scan these in as they are pencil drawings. Hopefully, you can see the drawings. You can click on them to enlarge if you’d like. So I started with pencil line drawings.

Then I added in more value changes to the same drawings. I made a bit of an error on the last row as I didn’t put them in the same order. Oops.

I’m still working on this page where I am adding color to the water.

And then I decided to try to stick with more line and less filling in of the entire little block of space. These look so cartoonish to me that I have a hard time with that style. Have you ever tried to draw water?


8 thoughts on “Water, Water, Everywhere

  1. Water is hard to draw – I usually end up doing pre-school type wavy lines! I really like the way you’ve captured the drop/splash in the water and I agree that adding the hard line looks cartoonish and I prefer the drawings without.

    • Thanks Lyn, the problem is that I am supposed to be finding line in water. But we’ll see what happens. I like the water drop/splash too. It’s fun to draw.

  2. Love them all but agree with Lyn, the splash in the lower left is my favourite, it has a real sense of movement. How are you creating the repeats? Are you tracing them? I often think I would like to reinterpret the same sketch with different media or colours but the prospect of starting the drawing again from scratch usually puts me off.

    • Thanks Teri. I am redrawing each time. You could trace or transfer but I just have redrawn them. You will see if you look closely that none are the same each time. You could always scan them in and then print them out for different interpretations.

  3. I guess that the last drawings do look a bit cartoonish, but I wonder whether reducing a drawing in this way helps find the fundamental elements that you can develop into a structural form? The felted splash I made with Pam de Groot seems to capture the essence of this.

    • You’re completely right Kim. It is about reducing the drawing to the basic element of line that you can then redevelop into another design. I just have a really hard time with it for some reason.

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