Big Ski Chair Affair

We started working on our ski lift chair for The Big Ski Chair Affair. We have a lovely studio space to use thanks to the Glacier Restaurant Group. Four of the chairs are in the bottom part of their building where we can work on them.

We cleaned the chair and then stripped all the old foam that was pretty worn out and dirty off the chair. You can see two other chairs behind ours. The middle bar in the chair is going to be removed all together so we didn’t take the black foam off of that one. Didn’t have the correct wrench to remove the bar today.

The next step is to start painting it and then we will get more foam and start the upholstery process. We’re still working on making more leaves for it and I keep stitching away each morning to make one leaf.

These had veins of stitching added to them but I forgot to take a photo of them after that. I will keep you updated on our progress.

9 thoughts on “Big Ski Chair Affair

    • It is a great space and we are so happy to have it. Better than working in a cold garage. I have re-upholstered a few things before. My mom was quite a pro at it. This is a bit different though because of the metal base. We’ll figure it out though. 🙂

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