Big Ski Chair Affair

We have been working on our chair over the last several weeks. Today we met to finish the primer coat of paint and to work out a schedule on what’s to be done next.

Here’s the chair with its primer coat. We have ordered foam for the cushions but it hasn’t arrived yet. We are still have to paint the chair, make cushions with eco printed felt, make more leaves and then attach the leaves. We are also going to make a felt rock to go under the bench which hasn’t been started yet. So still quite a bit to do yet.

But look how wonderful the eco printed felt looks on the bench! Plus Paula made some great pillows. And if you look at the right side of the photo, Louise is holding up some leaves that will be meandering up that side with various vines wrapped around the chair. So we’re well on our way. It’s an interesting process figuring out how we’re going to deal with different issues that arise on the structure of the chair. We’re having fun!

11 thoughts on “Big Ski Chair Affair

  1. That looks like a fun project and re-purposing into the bargain, such a good idea. Love the eco-printed felt and the leaves. I’m sure it’s going to look wonderful. Don’t forget to let us see the finished job. 🙂

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