Water Lily Stencils

I made another stencil today. This one is of a water lily. I got the design from a photo I took at the Botanical Gardens in NYC. I turned the photo into a black and white rendition and played around a bit with it in Photoshop. Then I used it to design this stencil.

Water Lilly Stencils

I made the stencil in two parts so it would be easier to use two different colors. I had some previously screen printed paper from a session of deconstructed screen printing. So I used that for the background.

Water Lily Stencil in My Sketch Book

And here’s my rendition of a water lily. I liked how it came out on the background as the blue tended to affect the white paint and give it more depth. So I cut it to fit into my sketch book and added it to a page that was already colored in my sketch book. It’s like I planned it 🙂

9 thoughts on “Water Lily Stencils

  1. Your stencil is great and I like the way the blue affected the white.
    We have water lillies on our garden pond – white and pink – they are so perfect that they look artificial!

  2. Clever to think in advance about making two stencils for different colours – and really nice effects printing light over dark. And the yellow in the centre of the water lily matches your sketchbook page really well!

    • Thanks Kim! After having messed around with stencils for quite a while, making two for different colors just was a natural progression. Much easier than masking areas off.

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