Another Stencil

I’m still working on my next online class and one of the aspects of that class is making stencils. I decided to do a more complex stencil and cut it out with a heat tool. So I used my sketch of a pine cone and developed the stencil from that sketch.

sketchbook pine cone cropped

Here’s the original sketch. I was originally going to try to cut all the pine cone shapes but I decided it would be better with just the outside lines. It would look more like a sketch.

Pine Cone Stencil

The stencil is to the left and then two sketchbook pages that I printed are on the right. I didn’t take a lot of time printing these thus getting ink and paint under the stencil since I was in a hurry. But I think that the pine cone still looks like a pine cone and the “blobby” bits just add more dimension to the stencil. Haven’t tried printing on felt yet with this one, that’s the next step. Have a great weekend.

10 thoughts on “Another Stencil

  1. I seem to remember your pine cone sketch Ruth. What a super stencil and as already said, must have been very fiddly to cut without losing the ‘bridges’. Look forward to seeing it on felt.

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