Layered Paper and New Stencil

I saw a video on Facebook this week using layering of stencils by Mary Beth Shaw of Stencil Girl. I decided to try the process out today. I already had some papers that could be used for backgrounds. I don’t have very many stencils that are just patterns though. So I had to  make do with what I had.

The photo on the left is where I started and the photo on the right is finished. I used my stencil that is based on bark but actually always looks more like an animal print. It’s an easy technique. You just keep using the same stencil and different paint colors. You keep moving the stencil into different positions and layering paint.

The next one used a painted sketchbook page and then using a commercial flower stencil. I didn’t do as much layering on this one. It’s an interesting technique that I think makes some great paper for collage and art journal pages.

Wild Geranium Inspiration Photo

This is a wild geranium that grew in my flower bed. I decided to use this photo to create a stencil.

On the left, I added it to one of my already painted backgrounds. You can see the stencil on the right side of that photo. The photo on the right shows the stencil using ink from stamp pads on to scrap paper, very wrinkled scrap paper. Still working on my online stencil and print class if you couldn’t tell 🙂


12 thoughts on “Layered Paper and New Stencil

  1. Wild flowers are so pretty and your wild geranium print is lovely. The moving of the stencil in the other pieces is an interesting technique and I particularly like the little flowers.

  2. The layered ones both look really good, Ruth. I like your geranium stencil, I bet you could use the technique to create fake ‘printing mistakes’, you know when the colours don’t quite match up on the layers? I like the way that looks.

    • Thanks Teri, yes, I think it would be great on fabric too. The only issues would be if you’re using dye how many layers of dye would the fabric take? Guess you could use dye for bottom layers and then add fabric paint or screen print ink on top.

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