Nuno Felting

My local group met for the last time before our summer break. We did nuno felting. Sally and Louise made scarves, Paula finished up a piece she was already working on and I made some samples.

This is Sally making her scarf. She used a cotton cheesecloth/scrim type material and merino mixed with silk. She had never nuno felted before but did a great job.

These are some pieces that Paula had made previously. I didn’t get a photo of the piece she finished today. Hopefully, she will frame it and I can get a photo of it framed.

And here is Louise’s project. She used butterfly silk, cotton threads and a mix of poodle hair and merino. It took a bit of extra effort to get the poodle hair to felt but it worked in the end. It did smell a bit like a wet dog though.

Here are a few samples that I made. The pink one has a layer of viscose fiber in the middle. I think that I added too much wool because I thought it would be a bit more light weight than it is. The second one is a weaving of two silk fabrics that I then nuno felted. The red and green fabric is from the pillows I recently made. It is silk charmeuse and very heavy. I didn’t think it would felt but Zed suggested I try weaving it in with a lighter weight silk that would hold the heavier fabric down. And it worked. The colors aren’t too exciting together but I was just testing out how the silk would hold down. I also tried sandwiching the heavy silk fabric between layers of wool to see if I could still see an outline of the silk in the middle. That one didn’t work. It just looks like felt. You can feel the silk as the felt kind of slides around on it but otherwise very unremarkable. But we all had fun so that’s the most important part.

8 thoughts on “Nuno Felting

  1. It looks like the group had fun! I did laugh at the wet-dog smell 🙂 I think I prefer making samples really, experimenting is fun. has the silk sample given you any ideas?

    • Thanks Zed, we always have a good time. I’m still not sure what I will do with all the charmeuse scraps. I need some different colors of merino than what I have if I am going to do the woven nuno thing. Nothing matches and I don’t have any white to dye.

  2. Not only a fun day but educational too! Paula’s pieces look fab and I can imagine the smell of wet dog from the poodle hair. The silk charmeuse worked well considering its weight but Zed’s advice must have helped a lot.

    • Thanks Lyn, the charmeuse actually worked a lot better than I thought it would. On it’s own, it wouldn’t have worked but with the silk gauze to help hold it down, it worked great. And yes, Zed’s help was very useful.

    • Thanks Teri. It didn’t make a huge difference. Perhaps a little stretchier, maybe? I should have done a sample without as well to compare the two. I think you could go thinner with the merino than I did and it would have more drape perhaps.

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