Nuno Felted Paper Fabric Lamination Sample

I’m sure that I don’t need to start another hand stitching project right now as I still have several in the works but…

Nuno Felted Paper Fabric Lamination

This piece is a portion of a sample that I made for my Nuno Felting with Paper Fabric Lamination online class. It was originally 4 times this long but I cut it up into 4 pieces. I am going to try 4 different techniques, one for each piece.

Possible Yarns to Couch Down

This one is going to have mainly green yarns couched down. Looking at it on the screen, I can definitely see that it needs some darker values in there for more contrast. I really love the texture but then the question is always how to finish it. So instead of being too afraid to move forward with the bigger piece, I will try different ideas on the smaller pieces. I can just think of them as samples and not be intimidated to finish them as I might have been with the larger piece. You can enlarge the photos to see more of the textural detail.

9 thoughts on “Nuno Felted Paper Fabric Lamination Sample

  1. Lovely textures Ruth. I agree some darker shades (and possibly some lighter highlights) would look great. I’m intrigued to see what you have planned for the other three too….

    • Thanks Teri – Yes, highlights are needed but I usually wait until I’m almost finished to figure those out. I have plans but we’ll see what develops 🙂

  2. Gorgeous textures, Ruth, it makes my eyes go funny. You should leave one ‘plain’ but I’m looking forward to seeing what you do 🙂

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