Mexican Inspiration in my Sketchbook

I did take my art supplies and sketchbook with me to Mexico. Since we did a lot of relaxing on the beach, I had time to add some inspiration from my trip.

Sketchbook - Zentangle by Ruth Lane

This zentangle page was done on the airplane ride down.

Sketchbook - Hibiscus by Ruth Lane

The tropical flowers were abundant around our condo.

Sketchbook - Orange Raditation by Ruth Lane

This isn’t necessarily a flower but I saw a lot of these colors.

Sketchbook - Palapa by Ruth Lane

These little mushroom like structures were all over the beaches. We sat under one of these nearly every day.

Sketchbook - Palm Trees by Ruth Lane

I had screen printed this page quite a while ago but I added the deeper green and the “coconuts” one day on the beach. I saw lots of palm trees as well.

Sketchbook - Green Organic Line by Ruth Lane

I played around adding black and white ink to this already painted page.

Sketchbook - Glacier Lily by Ruth Lane

And since I’ve been back, I have seen a lot of these little Glacier Lilies. So I decided to add this one to my pages of Montana wildflowers.

Glacier Lilies, Photo by Ruth Lane

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for stopping by.

11 thoughts on “Mexican Inspiration in my Sketchbook

  1. Beautiful additions to your sketchbook. There’s nothing like getting away, relaxing and taking in the local inspirations!

  2. Love the green and the coconuts you added to the screenprint – reminds me of pine trees and needles. I’ve also started doodling zentangles in lengthy meetings – though they’re not as accomplished as yours! πŸ™‚

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