Layering Synthetic Fabric

We had our local art group meeting today. I forgot to take any photos while we were there but I did get a few photos of my piece. I didn’t finish it while I was there. I brought it home and stitched it at home. And I still have some “burning” left to do. That’s why you use synthetics, so they’ll melt.

Synthetic Layered Piece

You start with a base of acrylic felt, then add small pieces of synthetic fabric in layers. Then you cover with tulle and stitch it all together.

Close Up of Layered Synthetics

All the stitching was done with free motion embroidery on the sewing machine. The next step is to take a soldering iron and burn out the holes in between the stitching. You can see examples of the technique by Susan Lenz here. She is well known for this technique. Hers are certainly a lot more intricate than mine will be. I’ll show you the finished piece once I get through burning the holes.

8 thoughts on “Layering Synthetic Fabric

  1. I love it as it is (without the holes), I’ve only done this once but found it really hard to decide when to stop burning holes…. there comes a point when it becomes too fragile :os

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