Playing in my Sketchbook

I had a little time this week to play in my sketchbook and try out my new high flow acrylic paints. I also watched a few Youtube videos about making zentangle patterns here.

Sketchbook Orange and Blue

I tried the high flow acrylics in my new pen and got the blue/violet lines. And then I added red and yellow. These are so much more vivid than adding water to the regular acrylics.

Sketchbook Purple Frost

This one is actually the back of a page I painted but I really like it. It reminds me of frost on a window. The patterns are made from the paper being wet to start and lying on plastic.

Sketchbook Green Tangle

Here’s the first zentangle pattern. It looks complex but was fairly simple to draw except for all those circles.

Sketchbook Yellow Tangle

And here’s another one. You start with two parallel rows of circles and then connect them from there. You should check out the Youtube link above if you want to learn how these complex patterns are drawn. They really aren’t that hard to draw once you know the tricks.

Sketchbook Blue Green Space Bubbles

And this last one is my attempt to be a bit more abstract. So when I do that I always seem to end up back to drawing circles. But I like it. What have you been up to this week? I hope you have a good weekend and thanks for stopping by.


13 thoughts on “Playing in my Sketchbook

  1. The patterns are great – a bit like doodles but with rules!

    The abstract reminds me of a microscope’s slide – nothing wrong with circles though and the colours are pretty.

    I love the ‘frost on window’.

  2. I love the abstract and the frost. I can imagine those circles were a bit challenging, but I bet relaxing to do.

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