More Three-Dimensional Flowers

I put together more three-dimensional flowers for my ice dyed flower piece. I used several different colors of cheese cloth replacing some of the darker cheese cloth flowers.

Variety of Cheese Cloth Flowers AddedI think this helps as the darker flowers don’t take over as much.

Addition of Organza FlowersI also started working on some organza flowers. These are burned around the edges but not stitched together yet. You can see one on the bottom left and towards the top right in this photo.

More Organza FlowersI made a couple of really light pink organza flowers too but I couldn’t get them to photograph well. You can see them if you click on the photo to enlarge and look carefully. I like the addition of the organza flowers. What do you think? The next step is to sew the organza flowers together. I’m trying to decide if they need beaded centers. If I do add beads it won’t be anything elaborate, just a few beads. Then I plan on making some three-dimensional leaves too. I haven’t decided what material to use yet but I am considering painting some green organza so they would be very light weight and not feel too heavy.

9 thoughts on “More Three-Dimensional Flowers

  1. I think the changes are lovely. The difference in colors and textures really make a difference overal. A few beads and textured leaves should add to the composition nicely. I noticed the basting. What do have it backed with?

    • Thanks Marilyn – the backing is stitch and tear. Depending on how I end up finishing the piece, I may tear it all off. I haven’t decide yet. I just thought it needed a little more support for the machine stitching.

  2. I like the organza flowers and a few seed beads should look good (one of things – you can’t tell until you try it!). Overall it’s so pretty.

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