Stitching Leaves

I have been continuing to work on my ice dyed fabric flower piece when I have a few spare moments. I have finished stitching all the leaves with free motion machine stitching.

Leaves StitchedYou can see here that I have a variety of shapes of leaves and the stitching really defines the shapes better.

Cheese Cloth FlowerI made some cheese cloth flowers but they are only pinned on presently. I decided that I needed some other colors besides the dark purple. Luckily I have other colors of cheese cloth in the appropriate colors. I have a few more flowers cut out but not stitched together yet.

Trying out Background FabricWhile I was at my friend Carole’s house, we hung the piece up on her design board (I really need one of those). We tried different colors of background fabric. This photo is really dark but if you click on it, I think you’ll be able to see that the background is a dark green. It isn’t the fabric I will use as I will use a hand dyed one but just something that Carole had that was in the right color range. We also tried black, dark blue and a lighter green. This was my favorite so far.

Close UpHere’s a little bit closer view so you can see the stitching a little better. I still haven’t decided if I even really like the 3-D flowers or not. Definitely, I don’t like all of them the same color. So next step is to try different colors cheese cloth flowers and see if I can make some 3-D flowers from organza that will be a bit bigger. If I do use the 3-D flowers, I’ll also make some 3-D leaves. Most likely, I’ll make them from felt and add a bit of stitching for dimension.





8 thoughts on “Stitching Leaves

  1. Ruth, the stitching is gorgeous. The purple flowers may be a bit overpowering unless you want them to be the center of attention. IMHO. I think it’s a good idea to try some different colors and textures for both flowers and leaves. I wonder what cheesecloth leaves would look like? I’m sure you’ll find the solution that fits your picture perfectly. Have fun!

  2. I do like the flowers but would prefer to see other colors, as you said, or further embellishment on cheesecloth flowers. The leaves are perfect, I think…are those made from felt? What do you plan to do with your creation?
    Would make a lovely wall hanging!

  3. It’s a very pretty piece – please post a photo of it when you’ve finished.

    A design board is a fab idea. You get a better view of your work.

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