The Story of the Traveling Pages Tree Book

It’s finally complete! I finished construction on my tree book for the The Story of the Traveling Pages Swap. I was still missing two pages but thought there was little chance I would receive them. I guess if I do I can decide at that point what to do.

I am pleased with the results. It was a bit of a pain sewing the sticks on but once I figured out what I was doing it worked out pretty well.

I used a button thread to give strength. I sewed a few stitches on the edge of two pages to hold the pages together and then I added the stick and did a sort of lasing technique (ala Girl Scouts).

And I really think it’s amazing how different the pages all are but how well they went together. I put them in chronological order by month.

I went a little overboard on the front and back twigs but I really liked the “twigginess” of it.

Here’s a photo of the book nearly closed.

So what do you think? Didn’t it turn out great? Go check out the Traveling Pages Book Swap blog to see how everyone’s books are turning out.

6 thoughts on “The Story of the Traveling Pages Tree Book

  1. Ruth !! You did a fabulous job!! I love the free standing sculptural aspect of the whole thing and The front and back twigs really add to the tree sculpture!! Fabulous !!! love it!!! I ahve done this sort of thing with a folding art quilt- using sticks to support the story on each of the panels- Beautiful display and not to be stuffed away on a book shelf!!!!

  2. The book is just beautiful Ruth. Sorry I've been 'away' from you blog for a time. I'm still figuring out my new computer. Love this book though, it's just gorgeous. Well done. BTW, I like the 'twiggy-ness' too.

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