Screen Printing Party

We had a screen printing party at my house last Friday. I always get so busy I forget to take photos but luckily Carole remembered. Thanks Carole! Here is one of my scarves that I had already discharged some circles. I added a deconstructed break down screen that I made from an embroidery hoop. It worked fairly well but the resulting print didn’t end up dark enough for my taste once rinsed out. I’m on the left and Louise is on the right.

We also tried writing on the screen with thickened dyes. This is supposed to say “Dear John” but somehow spelling escaped me. We also tried using blue school glue on a screen, screen printing over oatmeal (every one’s personal favorite), screen printing over shredded paper and deconstructed breakdown printing.

Here we are printing the Dear John screen. This was my least favorite fabric. The writing needed to be much smaller. The syringe I used had quite a big hole so you got big squirts of dye. But it was an interesting process.

Here are a few pieces drying. Most of the screens shown here came from the blue school glue screen except the one in the lower left corner. That was done with oatmeal. The oatmeal was done on a piece of fabric that Carole brought and it all washed out (which is really sad as it turned out beautifully). I also screen printed again on Saturday with a member of the group that couldn’t make it on Friday. But alas, no photos. I’ll show more of the results in a later post. We had a great time and we’re going to come up with more ideas for screen printing experiments.

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