The Complete Photo Guide to Felting

 Woo Hoo! Look what arrived on my doorstep yesterday! The advanced copy of my book. How exciting to finally see the results of all that hard work. The books are not available yet for sale but will be in just a couple of weeks.

 Here’s a few sneak peaks of the book so you can see what it looks like. There are more than 800 photos!

 The book includes information about wool and different fibers, fiber preparation and dyeing, wet felting, nuno felting and needle felting including using a needle felting machine.

And you get to see my hands over and over again! If you’d like a signed copy, just send me an e-mail at info at purplepomegranate dot com. I’ll let you know the payment procedure and send the books out as soon as I get them in. I won’t charge you until the book is on its way. You can also pre-order at Amazon and other online sources. Keep your eyes peeled here and over at the Felting and Fiber Studio site. I’ll be doing some give aways and perhaps you’ll win a free copy!

 I washed this fleece today. It’s Merino from a local sheep breeder.

 Here it is in the first wash. I then rinsed it two times.

 Then I drained out the excess water in the spin cycle of the washing machine and put it out to dry on my improvised drying rack. It was a beautiful day today so I got to do this all outside. Makes it nice as although hubby is supportive, he doesn’t care for Eau de Sheep Poop all over the house.

 In between washing fleece, I decided that I needed to make something for Felt United which I’ve always meant to do but never have. This year’s colors are from red to blue. So here is what I had in those colors.

So I made up three bird houses. Another thing on my list of to do’s. So here are the birdhouses, partly laid out. I didn’t get finished but will finish them up tomorrow. Then I’m going to hang them out in front of the house. So stay tuned and I’ll show the finished bird houses tomorrow.

New Journal

 When the local Borders store went out of business, I bought several books for half price including Journal Spilling by Diana Trout. I also found a journal for 60% off. I glued two pages together to make the paper thicker and then added a coat of gesso. I think I’ll do a bunch of pages so that they are all ready to go.

 This is a page that I cut out of the journal to give a bit more room. I colored it with watercolor pencils and then wet it down just to get some color on the page. I will tear this up to use as collage bits to paste into the journal.

This was the sunrise by my house a couple of weeks ago. The air was smokey because of forest fires so it makes the sun really red when it rises. There isn’t much good about forest fires and smokiness in the air but it does make for spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

Design Focus Friday – Proportion and Scale

 As I was thinking about proportion and scale, I started thinking about three dimensional work and the importance of getting the scale correct in a sculptural piece. One of the hardest things when I first started needle felting was getting the scale correct in a figure.

 This is from the class that I took over a year ago and you can see that the proportions of a figure make a difference on the outcome. What size is the head as compared to the body? Are both arms or legs the same size. It is fairly easy for us to see if something is out of proportion because we compare it in our minds to the human figure.

Even if you don’t do three dimensional work, you can still compare what you are representing in your work to the human scale. If there is a very large person in the foreground and the landscape in the distance is small, then the scale of the human figure will indicate how far distant the landscape is in comparison.

Thanks for stopping by. Come back in September when I start discussing Rhythm. September will be the last month in the Design Focus Friday series. I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started Design Focus Fridays.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the discussions and learned a bit about design.