I washed this fleece today. It’s Merino from a local sheep breeder.

 Here it is in the first wash. I then rinsed it two times.

 Then I drained out the excess water in the spin cycle of the washing machine and put it out to dry on my improvised drying rack. It was a beautiful day today so I got to do this all outside. Makes it nice as although hubby is supportive, he doesn’t care for Eau de Sheep Poop all over the house.

 In between washing fleece, I decided that I needed to make something for Felt United which I’ve always meant to do but never have. This year’s colors are from red to blue. So here is what I had in those colors.

So I made up three bird houses. Another thing on my list of to do’s. So here are the birdhouses, partly laid out. I didn’t get finished but will finish them up tomorrow. Then I’m going to hang them out in front of the house. So stay tuned and I’ll show the finished bird houses tomorrow.

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  1. All that yummy fluffy fibre goodness! And I not only don't mind the earthy barn smell, I actually enjoy it; it promises so much! As a spinner, its fleece that feels good in my fingers as I spin. Tops could be made of anything, they are generic and anonymous, but fleece is wool, full of character, and waiting patiently to become beautiful yarn, whether spun in the grease or scoured and dyed first.Love the colour scheme!

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