Jack and the Dyed Wool

Here’s Jack… I finally finished him and made him a walking staff. He wasn’t very well balanced without it. He originally was made to sit down but then he kept wanting to stand up so I had to make some adjustments on his finished appearance.
Here’s a better view of his face. Kay does such a wonderful job teaching how to make faces. Skip the next photo if you don’t want to see any wool genitalia.

I always seem to have to make my figures anatomically correct. And then they never want to wear any clothing. Strange.
Here’s the mixed breed wool I dyed for making more cat toys. I am running low and summer season is upon us. I’ll have to be diligent and get these made!
Here’s a closer look. The colors turned out well except the purple isn’t the best. I did really like the limey green one though. I’m sure the kitties will be very happy with their new toys!
This is Falkland wool that I am planning on using to make myself a vest. I hope I dyed enough but I guess I’ll just have to make do.

3 thoughts on “Jack and the Dyed Wool

  1. Love the dyed wool. I like the bright colors better than pastels too.The doll looks like a real character. Souns like you took a great class.

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