Rainy Spring

It has been really rainy here throughout May and June. It finally stopped raining today so I took some photos. Everything is so green. I love watching the hummingbirds at the feeder.
I don’t get the best photos but it’s fun trying.
There were at least 6 hummers that kept coming in to feed. I have to fill up the feeder nearly every day.
The iris are loving the rain.
I cut a bunch to bring in the house because they got so wet and heavy they bent over and nearly broke their stems. But I still have plenty to view out the kitchen window. I dyed more wool today but don’t have any photos yet as it isn’t finished. It’s cooling now. Needed more wool for cat toys to sell this summer and I dyed some Falkland wool to hopefully make myself a vest.

3 thoughts on “Rainy Spring

  1. Not a lot of people listen when we compl… well, talk about the weather. But I HEAR you. Manitoba has had rain from May till now with maybe 2 days I'd call summer. And it is still raining, hard! Good thing creativity doesn't depend on the weather. I have to admit the iris like this weather!

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