Lots of Fiber Work Going On

We have been playing with fiber all weekend here at my house. My sister is visiting with her family and we went to the Salvation Army and bought lots of wool sweaters and wool skirts, threw them in the washer and fulled them down to make flower pins. I now have five full gallon bags of these shapes that I can sew together and then sell these at the store. This is the one I made as a demo.

Here is the one made by my niece Lizzie.

And here is Rebekah’s (my sister). I will have lots of sewing to do while watching television now. These are simple to put together but make a nice pin for a coat, sweater or hat. Mainly for winter but I’ll have a good supply by then. We had piles of lint everywhere!

Here are some more exercises from Sharon’s studio journal course. We are cutting out various shapes and then using those to make patterns or find other design elements.

More patterns from my shrunken snowflake.

Diagonal instead of square.

The other thing we did on Friday was to dye wool, some of the lighter sweaters and some scarves.

Here are the scarf results. They are a bit light and I think I will do some further layering. I am planning on trying the flour paste resist method on these.

Have you ever tried this website out? http://www.krazydad.com/kaleido/

You use photos that you already have posted on the web and then use the kaleidoscope tool. Sharon told our class about this. It is way too addictive. You can change the number of mirrors and move your photo around so there a millions of possibilities.

These are all done with recent photos from here on my blog.

Can you guess which ones are from which photo?

This last is a piece I put together when we were making patterns for our flower pin shapes. I cut out some spirals which weren’t going to work with fulled fabrics so I added them to a watercolor painting I had done several weeks ago. Off to have more fun!

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