July TIF & Studio Journal Course Work

Here is my studio journal with part of my thoughts leading up to my July TIF challenge piece. We were working on frottage in the studio journal course and I was trying to decide how to use frottage for a complete design. I thought about doing a monochromatic, minimalistic landscape. Then I was thinking about TIF “Half Way Mark” and the two clicked. What if I made a landscape with a path that went “half way”. And since the distances in a landscape look different in the distance, how do you tell when you are really half way? Is your goal the horizon and if so, doesn’t the horizon keep moving away from you as you go forward? Therefore, the goal is illusion and so is the half way mark. To me, that means that it is the journey that is important and to keep yourself open to the opportunities that your journey affords you.

Here is the finished piece. This isn’t a very good photo though. It’s a felted landscape and I hand stitched the path to the “half way mark”. I’ve titled it “Half Way?”

We went to the National Bison Range today. It’s about two hours from our house. We saw bison, antelope and lots of different birds. I took lots of photos as we are supposed to be finding design ideas in the world around us for this weeks studio journal exercises. More on that later.

Here’s an owl I saw up behind our house yesterday while taking more photos.

Here are some expanded squares that I did as part of the studio journals course. I used a bird that I had used in my MIL’s book. I liked these so I made a stamp from the heads one. See below.

Here are some more expanded squares. I thought these were fun once I got the hang of how to do them. My niece and my sister also did a few.

Another set.

Here’s the stamp I made from foam. I will most likely make more of these to use in future fiber projects.

Here I used my stamp on the right page with two different colors and overlapping. The right hand side is a commercial floral stamp that I was playing around with.

More patterning with the bird head stamp. I had a little problem with this as the pages in my journal are really quite small to put many of the stamps together.

Last page of stamps.

Here is more work from the kaleidoscopes. I traced parts or drew different pieces that could be used in design.

Another page of kaleidoscope parts. I am really finding this studio journal course useful and I am certainly getting into the habit of using my journal and exploring ideas more thoroughly. I have used more pages in my journal in the last three weeks than I have since January. I think this will really help in my designing process and I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to use a studio journal.

8 thoughts on “July TIF & Studio Journal Course Work

  1. I love the things you said about the half way mark and the piece that came out of it – I’m finding it hard to get anywhere with this and you’ve set me thinking.

  2. wow, your blog and your work is amazing! i’m going through a ‘quiet’ phase right now but i’m really inspired after reading your blog 🙂 i love your flower pins and the book for your MIL is beautiful.it was really interesting for me to see the process you are going through with your studio journal as i don’t really have a journal at the moment (just a book with lots of scraps from magazines stuck in it!) but i have been thinking about starting one for a while. my brother very thoughtfully gave me a sketchbook for my birthday so i guess i have no excuse now!thanks again 🙂 tracy

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