Studio Journal Course – Week Two

Thanks to all who have commented on my book – I appreciate the fact that you stop by and that you leave a comment. Here is a sketch I did very quickly yesterday of Flathead Lake when it was about to storm. We went down to a friend’s cabin for the 4th of July and had a small storm pass through in the afternoon. We got a new lesson for Sharon B’s Studio Journal course and I read through that. But I didn’t take time to use any color yesterday – just noted the colors in my journal.

Today, I spent quite a bit of time going through magazines and cutting out small pieces of color from throughout the spectrum. I tried to cut enough for a the week’s lesson so I wouldn’t have to do it every time. It was interesting to see how many colors are available in catalogs. I don’t have a lot of magazines besides QA which I won’t cut up so I mainly used catalogs. The exercise is to pick colors for the day for 5 days in a row and work those colors out on your journal page. The page on the left shows the cut out magazine colors of yesterday – grey blues to dark blues and greens from pine trees. On the right page, I wrapped like colors of threads and yarns around a small piece of heavy paper as well as cutting out appropriate color fabrics as if I was going to take this idea forward into stitch. I also added a piece of “spruce” wool in case I was going to felt anything in the project. I found that I had no blue wool. It seems that has not been a color I have used much in felting.

Here are the colors for today. These poppies are blooming profusely just behind my deck in the back. I included a photo of them and then used my cut out magazine bits to find the matching colors. I didn’t yet take this one forward into fiber. I’m pretty sure I do not have any of the bright orange/yellow-orange in fiber but I’ll check to see.

I have been thinking about the July TIF Challenge. I think I am going to use the concept of “Half Way Mark” in terms of a journey in a landscape. The idea is not completely formed yet but will see where it takes me.

2 thoughts on “Studio Journal Course – Week Two

  1. Thank You Thank You Thank You ! For visually interpreting what the lesson is supposed to be for me … Now – I understand. I had read the lesson casually and was cutting colors like mad – this way makes more sense and now I feel like I can get going. I love the Flat Head Lake sketch – it’s one of my favorite places !

  2. I was feeling a bit deflated on reading through Lesson Two but on checking your entry in Joggles Forums and also the comment prior to mine in your blog.. I now have calmed down quite a bit and feel much more comfortable. Just have to take my time and not panic. Supposed to be fun after all, eh?

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