Winter Storm Warning

This is what we woke up to this morning. It’s at least 8 inches of snow and maybe closer to a foot in places. This is our front patio after I had made a little path to get to the tractor.

Here’s the back patio with lots of snow on the picnic table.

Here’s DH on the tractor going down the driveway to start plowing.

Ta Da! Here’s the patio three hours later and the sun even came out for a moment.

The snow piles are getting so high it’s hard to pile up any more.

Here’s the back deck and the snow is getting higher than the deck. It’s about 8-14″ off the ground normally.

So I didn’t get much sewing on knots done today. My back won’t hold up to much more strain at this point. But I did start on the center Celtic triple spiral in copper. Here is it with the other elements surrounding it. It’s much too bright.

Here’s a closeup.

So then I decided to experiment with alcohol inks and Lumiere paint to see how I wanted to tone down the brightness. I haven’t used the alcohol inks before and I’m not sure what I was expecting but I wasn’t too impressed.

I had about decided to go with the last choice although tone down the cranberry a bit. Then I remembered that copper changes color with heat. I may have to torch it and see what happens. What fun!

8 thoughts on “Winter Storm Warning

  1. that’s a lot of snow to get up to… Hope your back recovers quickly.I love the way your TIF piece is developing… Hope you’re able to tone down the copper in a way that suits.

  2. I think your TIF piece is going to look stunning. I love the background colour and I do admire your book with all the experiments in. I have started making postcards from my samples with detailed explainations on the back – but I’m not sure how long this will last for :))

  3. Wow all that snow! something we never see here. Your TIF piece is progressing well, I admire the methodical way you are working through it, will be a great learning experience & I love what you’ve done so far.

  4. Hi Ruth,I found your blog via the Felting Forum link. Love your work.I am so jealous of your snow. I live in Cornwall, UK, and we hardly ever get any snow at all, just wind and rain and wind, oh, and wind. It is lovely here though, I’m not really complaining, we are near the sea. But, a bit of snow would transform the world for a while. Vanessa, aka Nessienora Craft Explorer!

  5. I’ve been following your TIF progress, and I love what you’ve done so far. I’ve not heard of alcohol inks before. Looks like I’ll be adding that to my list of things to try.

  6. Love the Celtic Knots! Copper is fun to play with but as you say a little bright when its fresh. Good luck with the torching. Thanks for the comments on my blog – its always nice to know someone is looking! I don’t have a google identity so I had to make up one!Susaneta (

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