Woo Hoo!

First off, I keep forgetting to say this – To all of you who have left comments here that I haven’t been able to personally respond to due to “noreplyblogger”, thanks so much! I really appreciate that people are taking a look at what I’m doing and I appreciate all the positive comments.

Now for the Woo Hoo! A little while ago Lynda, had made a comment on the Calendar Girls blog that she had some extra postcards of sunflowers and if someone wanted one, to let her know. I really enjoy her work and was expecting one or two postcards but I got six! And they are all wonderful. On the back of each, she explains her techniques and she does such wonderful experiments. Aren’t they all gorgeous? Thanks Lynda, I love them all.

And it really should have been Woo Hoo times two. Because I finally got all my celtic knots completed. Here are a couple of photos of the imperfect (not that the last set was perfect) knots. I left lots of threads hanging as I thought I would like that effect on the finished piece. I also heated my copper circle and did a few other techniques to tone down the bright, shiny copper penny look. I’ve got all the components now and just have to put the whole thing together. I’ve decided to not show any more developments until the piece is completed. Hopefully it will be done by the end of the month. Mainly hand stitching to go but I wanted to leave a bit of surprise for anyone that has been following the whole process. So coming soon…

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