TIF Continued

I worked all day today on my challenge piece. First I laid out my wool and a little silk on top and wet felted it.
Here it is after I blocked it. It’s drying.
I then started on my celtic knots (only have about 30 to do – what was I thinking??). I put fusible Pellon on the black felt on which I’d traced the celtic knots. Then I used the variegated thread to stitch around the outline from the back side. This was so I could work from the front on the outline in black.
Here’s a picture of the back side after I had zigzagged around all the knots. The front side photo didn’t turn out too well. I then used variegated red thread and filled in the knot again from the front side.
And look! I did it. I cut out the knots and they aren’t half bad. I was a bit worried about this step as I wasn’t sure my FME skills were up to this. It certainly would have been much easier on one of those computerized embroidery machines. I’ve gotten 11 of them done. So I’m a third of the way there.
Here’s a few on the background. They aren’t stitched down yet. So progress is being made. Also started the braid for around the edge.

9 thoughts on “TIF Continued

  1. It’s great how you really laid out what you came up with in such detail. I especially like the phrase that you are working with; “In admiration of all women who live a life filled with passion and grace.” Looking forward to your next steps.

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