Stitch, Stitching Away

More stitched color studies, are you getting tired of these yet? I’m still having fun with them and the results are often different then I expect.

These are the two hand stitched ones completed this week. The one on the left needs to be stretched over a board as the fabric is buckling. The one on the right, I made a frame as it had too much blue surrounding it otherwise.

And here are the machine stitched ones. The woven one on the right has too many colors of the same value and the proportions of colors are not working for me.

This cropped version looks better to me, what do you think?

And I had promised to show you some of the fabric I am dyeing. This is last week’s set of blue-green and red-orange. I always have trouble with blue-green. It usually turns out too green even though I add extra blue dye. These fabrics are definitely more blue-green than the green fabric I dyed but still don’t read blue-green on their own. Some of the paler ones have a more blue-green look though. The darker fabrics are neutralized by mixing the two colors together. Always fascinating to see how the fabric turns out though! 😉

Continuing Color Studies

I have worked on more color studies for my Level 3 Stitch class this week. I try to have several ready to go for machine stitching and for hand stitching. Then when I get a spare moment, I am ready to stitch.

This one is full of machine stitching. I had a bit of difficulty with cable stitch on my machine. I found that the extra bobbin case I had wasn’t working. Luckily, I had another one and the second one worked fine. Once I figured that out, the cable stitch went much better.

And here’s another machine stitched one with cable stitch but it looks so different, doesn’t it?

Here is one reason that I don’t normally try to stitch straight lines with hand stitch. My lines never end up very straight.

This one has a bit more texture with the cheesecloth.

This one was fun too with loads of chain stitching. Most of these colors are way out of my usual choices but it is interesting to see who they work together.

Hope you have a great weekend.