Color Homework Finished

I worked most of the day competing my homework for Level 1 Color Studies. And it is finally finished.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAAll of the pages just barely fit back together. The first comment from Dennis was “This book is heavy.”

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAI was going to use this as the cover but decided to use the original one instead. I put this one in front of the section on color wheels.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThis is the page on painting neutrals to match a photo. This was really difficult to do and get colors that are similar.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThis section is about finding paint chips to match an object. I had a hard time with this exercise as well because nothing really seemed to match.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThe other problem with this exercise is that when I printed the photo of the object, the color wasn’t even close. I fiddled with the first photo to get it to match the real color. I left the purple vase photo as it printed out so it looks nothing like the paint chips.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAI enjoyed this exercise. I mixed and painted a variety of colors that I thought worked. Then I put them into a color scheme. I also found some fabric and threads that worked.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThen I made two more color schemes. One with more blue violet and one with more green. I like the one on the right best.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAAfter I finished the color notebook, I cut up a large Kantha piece into three squares. I am going to lace these and then they will be in an auction to raise money for a new exhibit space at the Gail Harker Center for Creative Arts.








Another Color Notebook

I worked all day Friday on finishing my homework for my color class. The second notebook is a larger size and includes all the color wheels, scales and other color exercises.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAI got about half of the pages completed. Right now, I have all the pages separated from the notebook until I have all the page placement figured out.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAHere you can see the stack of pages that I finished. I have at least that many more to go.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThis is one of my colors wheels done with three primary colors of paint.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThis photo is very dark but shows a red to blue scale.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThis is one of my six primary color wheels. I had never painted one of these before.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAI did a bunch of color studies using different colors from magazines and catalogs.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThis is a combination of paint, photos printed from the computer and magazine photos.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAAnd here’s one in green.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThen I did all of my paint colors in tints and shades scales. I really enjoyed seeing the different combinations that occur. I am happy that I’m almost finished with the homework because I have yurt duties. Today we started felting the yurt walls. I will be posting about the process on Thursday on the Felting and Fiber Studio site.










A Few More Wildflowers

I have been doing a bit of sketching in my tiny notebook when I get a chance. Only three more sketches so the notebook isn’t getting filled up at a very fast rate of speed. I’m planning on using these sketches as a basis for free motion machine sketching on fabric.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThe bitterroot is the official flower of the state of Montana. I have actually never seen one as far as I know. They don’t grow around my house.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve seen quite a few of these Glacier lilies in Glacier National Park. Occasionally I’ll see one up in the hills behind my house too.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAI’m not sure I’ve seen this one either but I liked it. I found a site of U.S. Wildflowers that separates out which wildflowers grow where. It has nice photos and information about the flowers. You can find your own state and see what flowers grow near you. It’s been very helpful because I don’t know hardly any of the names of the flowers that I see.




Back from NYC

I’m back from NYC. It was a great trip and I had a wonderful time. I wrote a post about my travel journal over at the Felting and Fiber Studio. Go check it out.

I have been trying to catch up at work and you should see the weeds that have grown in my absence at home! I am meeting with my local group this Friday so I’ll post soon about our book making session.

NYC Travel Journals

 I had great fun today making these little travel journals. We are going to New York City next week and meeting up with my sister and her husband. We’ll be staying at my parent’s time share in downtown Manhattan. I thought it would be cool if we each had a little travel journal for our trip.

 So I made them out of the hand made paper I made last month and added painted paper inside. The pages are 8 1/2 x 11 paper cut in half and then folded. I then found a few photos online of things in NYC.

 My sister got us tickets to be on the TV show The Chew. We’ll be in the audience and might get on TV. I’ve never even watched the show but…

 My husband got us tickets to go to the Mets game. One of his friends knows a player. So a baseball game is in my future. Hopefully, I’ll survive 🙂

 We’re staying at the Manhattan Club which is right across from Carnegie Hall.

I made a little pocket for the back cover to keep tickets etc. that I will be adding to the book. I’ll show you the finished results when I get back. I’ll also post a mini tutorial on how I made the books on the Felting and Fiber Studio blog next week. See you soon!