Three More Color Studies

I am getting to the end of my list of color studies. I just have a few more to complete. These are the three I did this week. I am down to the 6 colors in a composition and the more colors added, the more difficulty I have with proportions and making it look like something other than a jumbled mess of color.

So I often fall back to what I might see in nature to get all the colors in. But I wanted to do one that was not a landscape.

So this is the result. I am happy with it even though It took quite a while with the layout of fabric. I used a linen hand dyed thread to stitch it all together.

And here’s the machine one for this week. The colors are a little off though in this photo.

Thanks for stopping by and have a Merry Christmas!

4 thoughts on “Three More Color Studies

  1. Have a good Christmas break Ruth! We love the middle one – the colours are just so right and the stitching pulls it all together.

  2. Likewise my favourite is the middle one – the size of the blocks with the detail pieces is well balanced and as Lyn said the stitching just pulls it all together.
    Have a relaxing Christmas break.

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