Aspen Layered Linocut Prints

Here are the aspen linocut layered prints that I have been working on lately.

These are on previously layered and printed paper. I have been using Strathmore printmaking paper and Speedball Professional inks. I am still working on getting clean prints. Next time that I carve the black design, I will leave the linoleum the same size as the other prints. I thought it would help to cut off around the edges to have less mess. But then you just get lines around the cut edge. I would rather have “artifacts” over the entire print and make it look deliberate. Plus I needed to use less black ink on these. They got a bit messy to say the least.

Here’s a couple more prints on painted paper. The one on the right is watercolor paper so it has much more texture than the printmaking paper or the sketchbook paper. It gives a totally different looking type of print. But I like the texture actually.

I hope you have a great weekend.

4 thoughts on “Aspen Layered Linocut Prints

  1. Good idea to make the lino larger than the paper. The carvings are lovely though and the last one on the right (watercolour paper) is my favourite background.

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