Buds Layered Linocut Prints

Here are the last set of the layered linocut prints I have been working on for a while now.

These are the buds on a tree limb design over the previously printed layers. On the bottom two, I decided to see how I like adding more of the background texture. I don’t mind the background texture but it needs to cover the entire print. So no more cutting off the edges of the linoleum block. I think I will go with background texture so that I don’t have to worry about little smudges here and there that always seem to show up even when I try to prevent them.

And here’s two more on painted paper. I have tons of painted paper in my stash so I need to be using some of that up. Another printing session happening soon!

10 thoughts on “Buds Layered Linocut Prints

  1. To me, the little smudges and lines from the lino are what shows it is a proper hand made print. They give the prints that extra ‘character’. I really like your prints.

  2. I agree – the background ‘noise’ is essential in a lino print. The buds are skillfully carved and I like them printed on the second to last background best.

  3. These have come out well Ruth and I agree with the comments above about the background. My favourites are the second down on the left (first group) and the left of your painted backgrounds (second group). Looking forward to seeing your next creations.

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