Winter Chat

I saw these little birds all congregating in a tree in the Costco parking lot. They were making lots of noise and seemed that they were talking to each other.

So I did a little water color sketch of them. I think it needs a bit more definition and a few darker values but my group all thought it was good the way it is. What do you think?


10 thoughts on “Winter Chat

  1. I like it just as it is because the lightness of it suggests the way a cold winter day does look. Very well sketched Ruth!

  2. Lovely Ruth. Perhaps just a few bits of darker value to highlight the ‘eyes’ where the branches emerge, but not much. To me your picture not being totally defined, reflects the fact that you don’t know what the birds are actually saying, you can hear them….but…!

    • Thanks Antje! Yes, just a bit more dark value and I think that will be enough. I’m sure the birds were discussing what they bought at Costco and all the good deals they found 🙂

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